In the Heat of the Moment: Why In-Store Advertising is Still So Effective

Marketing researchers have been wholly swept up by the digital wave which continues to revolutionize our way of life. Convinced that social media and augmented reality represent the marketing of the future, more traditional mediums have been unceremoniously left in the dust of this rush to experiment. But, despite the best efforts of many experienced marketing teams, these digitally oriented, online ad campaigns are not pulling in the audience engagement and sales numbers that were predicted. Now, we see retailers pondering their next step: push ahead and fully commit to new digital advertising campaigns, or try and blend them with the best of the previous ideas which still seem to hold strong.


In-store speaks to the consumer at their point of decision

The advertising compromise these retailers should be looking at is in-store banners, stickers, runners and labels. While some have questioned whether they are too intrusive, they are brilliant examples of advertising fulfilling its essential purpose; to speak to the customer at the time of their purchase decision.

And in fact, research shows that even the Millennial generation, supposedly driving the online advertising revolution with their ever-present smartphones, are more easily reached by this basic in-store advertising. Polls conducted for U.S. marketing firms have shown that millennials are highly likely to decide on which brands or products to purchase after reaching a retail store, and that twice as many rated in-store advertising “highly effective” than would even admit to looking at online advertising before making a purchase.


“Simple but effective” makes for great returns

So if digital advertising targeting the shopper before they shop is not the way to drive sales in the modern day, what is? Why should retailers be focusing on in-store posters and shelf runners over other traditional media? While a number of studies attest to the superior outcomes of physical, in-store advertising, the single biggest reason is the simple one of hard-minded finance – return on investment. ROI is the ruling metric when it comes to advertising, and with solid numbers for audience engagement and sales influenced, in-store’s supremely low cost positions it as the only mandatory advertising medium for retail outlets.  


Customisable on a store-by-store level

Because the physical components of in-store campaigns are so cheap and disposable, they make for a great way to consistently refresh your marketing angles and retarget the campaign to suit the season, new products or any other event. By swapping out your shelf strips, merchandising displays and hanging banners you can catch the eye of even those consumers who walk by your store every day, positioning yourself as an evergreen shopping prospect in their mind. Any Australian business ready to think seriously about a smart, high-quality in-store campaign should contact Roger Kirwan at to discuss a printing schedule.