Things To Consider When Writing A Sign

Things To Consider When Writing A Sign

Signage can be a very effective way to gain a potential consumers attention. However, there are things to keep in mind when creating a sign to ensure it gets the message across and communicates with your audience effectively. You also need to think about the intended environment for the sign, and who your demographic is so that you are using language that will appeal to them and make sense in context.

Keep it simple

Your sign should be simple and easy to understand. Imagine the context your intended audience is likely to see you sign in- the will likely walk quickly past a shop window or drive past a building, and so need to be able to understand the sign at a simple glance. Be succinct and use simple language. Also include a call to action if relevant, for example with retail messaging.

Eye catching

A passer-by needs a reason to look at your sign. You need to incentivise them to give it their attention, and this can be done with an effective style and design. Bold capital letters, and bright colours can help attract attention. In addition to this, knowing what people are accustomed to can be helpful in garnering their attention. For example, people often associate red with a sale, so use red sale signs in retail windows if this is your message.

Be specific

Ensure that the language in your sign is not only simple, but specific to what you are trying to communicate. This will ensure that the onlooker will understand what you are trying to communicate immediately and that the message will be translated effectively. Think about what you want your consumer to think when they view your sign, and design it from that perspective.


The golden rule of advertising is generally that if someone sees a message of advertisement three times, they will retain the messaging. Therefore, it can be helpful to have multiple signs in a shop or outdoor area so that your message is communicated to onlooker’s multiple times. This will help them retain the message and is more likely to prompt them to follow through with a call to action, for example to enter the shop or make and enquiry/contact your business.

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