Alternative uses for stickers and posters

Alternative uses for stickers and posters

Stickers and posters have a number of different practical purposes. Whether they are used for real estate, the opening or closing of a store, to promote an event or otherwise, posters and stickers have been used in so many different industries and ways to get a message across. However, there are other more alternative or zany uses in art to communicate an opinion or social commentary using posters or stickers.

Guerrilla sticker campaigns

Guerrilla sticker campaigns are a modern trend that can be used for marketing and branding, to promote a social cause or simply just to provide a bit of creative humour. Stickers can be put in interesting, hard to reach places to create interest, and often have cryptic messages that inspire curiosity. They may contain a QR code that needs to be activated to find out the full meaning of the campaign, or a website to discover more about the purpose.

Paste up street art

Made famous by the street artist Banksy, paste ups are a simple yet effective way to create a piece of street art. The artist simply creates the image digitally, prints it on thin paper, and pastes it up on a wall using clear glue. The result can be purely artistic or provide social commentary. Melbourne is Australia’s street art capital, and there have been a number of paste up series by credible street artists popping up around the city over the years. Most recognisable is artist Ha Ha’s Ned Kelly paste ups, or the “Aussie” paste up series by Peter Drew. 

Movie posters

A slightly more conventional option, some movie posters have gone down in popular culture history. Everyone can vividly recall the movie poster designs of Jaws, Pulp Fiction, A Clockwork Orange, Jurassic Park, the Godfather, Kill Bill, Star Wars, Ghostbusters…the list is endless!

Pop art

Nothing screams “pop art” louder than the images created by one of the movement’s most prolific figures: Andy Warhol. There have been many prints of his work since. Some of the most popular are the psychedelically colourful Marilyn Diptych, depicting repetitions of Marilyn Munroe’s face in a screen print, and the iconic repetition of the Campbell’s Soup can print.

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